Patapon Gong the Hawkeye by Daowg

Welcome to the Jar's secret base WikiEdit

Property of Jar teh marksman. Do whatever the fuck you want here.

Describe your topicEdit

Screw topics. Jar is too much of a bau5 for that.


  1. Add emotes to the chat. I.E. Spike, gummy, the mane 6.... BLAHBLAHBLAH
  2. Put more stuff onto this WHAT TO DO list
  3. Make pages. :3
  4. Change the side images from the boring metal thing to something bright and happy and shit. {Done}
  5. Overthrow Jar.
  6. Make Smilular king.
  7. Remind Redskin to kill Smil.
  8. Ban Redskin from life.
  9. Increase weekly user count to over 5 people.
  10. Remind Smil to kill Redskin b4 he kills Smil.
  11. Use wiki as a image storage. (done)

Featured PollEdit

Official Poll of the week :D

Bigger Nub

The poll was created at 23:32 on January 11, 2012, and so far 8 people voted.

Last weeks poll:

Squirtle:4 Spike: 1 Gummy: 1 Mars Rover: 1