Gummy came up with this idea, and it's basically CoD + MLP. Feel free to add ideas.

"" It dosen't take the most powerful nations of Earth to create the next global conflict. Just the will of a single mare. ""
— Discord


Lunar Republic - Announcer: Luna

Equestrian Royal Guards - Announcer: Celestia

Followers of Chaos - - Announcer: Discord

United Cutie Mark Crusaders - Announcers: Scootaloo, Sweetie Belle and Apple Bloom (lol, they argue over the announcements.)

Applejack's Assault Team - Announcer: Applejack

Pinkie Pie's Party Throwers - Announcer: Pinkie Pie

Rarity's Fabulous Fighters - Announcer: Rarity

Twilight's Tactical Assault Squad - Announcer: Twilight Sparkle

Fluttershy's Footsoldiers - Announcer: Fluttershy

Rainbow Dash's 5th Air Battalion - Announcer: Rainbow Dash

teh lol quotesEdit

Everypony, feel free to add lines that the announcers would say! Oh, and please use the quote template, just to keep it organized.

Start of the matchEdit

"Team Deathmatch...please be safe...."
— Fluttershy

"Team Deathmatch...let's work together..."
— Twilight

"Team Deathmatch.....Good luck my little ponies."
— Celestia

"The game is almost over! Step it u-- No it's not Apple Bloom, the game just started!"

"Go take down those savages!"
— Rarity

"And... Let the games begin, my little ponies. *laughter*"
— Discord

"Time to start the party!"
— Pinkie Pie

"Team Deathmatch, Let's do this, YEEHAW!!"
— Applejack

"Fighting each other? Oooh I love this chaos, start when ready."
— Discord - Free-For-All

"SnD must stand for Snooze and Doze, because I can definitely sense the excitement and chaos here."
— Discord at the start of a SnD game

End of the matchEdit

"Guys, I thought we came here to win, not lose! Ugh... I hate losing."
— Rainbow Dash

"The tyrant is victorious! Make sure it is the only time she is."
— Luna

"Oh no... we lost. You're still all winners in my mind though.. um..."
— Fluttershy

"Woohoo! You Rock!"
— Fluttershy

"Sweetie Belle, you should of gone to flank B-, NO SWEETIE BELLE IT'S FLANK A! Your both wrong! It was C!"

"I helped them win! NO I DID! NO ME! IT WAS ME!"

"Great job everypony, now we're 20% cooler!"
— Rainbow Dash

"We lost? Ugh I missed some excellent chaos for this..."
— Discord

"This shall be the last time savages defeat us."
— Rarity, at the end of a match

"Victory. That was some excellent chaos out there, well done."
— Discord


"Look, it's an enemy Spy Plane. What are they going to do? Stare at us to death?"
— Discord

"Enemy Airstrike inbound! I bet I could fly faster than those jets..."
— Rainbow Dash

"Sweetie Belle: Oh cool! A weird flash! I wonder what it was... Scootaloo: It's called an EMP, you do-do!"
— CMC after an EMP

"Ooohh... look! It's an enemy AC-130! It looks like it's dropping us presents!"
— Pinkie Pie

"Sonic Rainboom? *sound of teleporting*"
— Discord

"OH the puppies are so I pet one?"
— Fluttershy getting Attack Dawgs

"Friendly EMP...we shall take them out in the dark"
— Luna

"Sonic Rainboom incoming, my magic can't stop it either! It's over!"
— Twilight Sparkle

"The savages are trying to flush us out with...dogs...*shuddering*"
— Rarity

"Oooo, a present!"
— Pinkie Pie after earning a care package

"Oooo, presents! I want one!"
— Pinkie Pie after earning an emergency airdrop

End of a roundEdit

"Good job, everypony! Prepare for the next round!"
— Twilight winning a round

"Oh what? Another round? BOORING."
— Discord

"This is only the first defeat boys! Get back up, and kick 'em down!"
— Applejack losing a round

"Oh goodie, another round *sarcastic*"
— Rainbow Dash upon losing a round.

"Wait, there's another round? Oh, then get prepared for it, guys!"
— Twilight

Campaign (not in any specific order)Edit

Fighting is Magic - Play as Twilight, and prove your accuracy and speed in a shooting course.

The Dark Of The Moon (Part 1) - Inflitrate Nightmare Moon's base.

No Light - Defend Ponyville from Nightmare's Moon's soldiers and evacuate the city from an Ursa Minor attack.

Approaching Darkness - Push back Nightmare Moon's soliders as they near the royal castle in Canterlot.

Friendship Forever - ('idea under construction)


  • Winter Wrap Up - Do 10 knife kills in "Cone-Tin-Gent-Sea"
  • A True Rarity - Get 3 headshots with one bullet.
  • Friendship- Kill an enemy with his own grenade.
  • Pacifist- Win an objective match without firing your weapon.
  • Calls For a Party - Kill 10 enemies in 5 seconds in "The Bird's Nest"
  • Tough Economy - Complete a campaign level using only your knife.
  • Ten. Seconds. Flat - Finish "The Track" in 10 seconds.
  • Hush Now, Quiet Now - Kill 15 enemies with a suppressor.
  • No-Scoping is Magic - Kill an enemy with a sniper rifle without being scoped in.


  • Tom - Special grenade; distracts players for 5 seconds.
  • Friendship Cannon- Flamethrower-esque weapon. Must be reloaded and can overheat.
  • Colt AFS (Automatic Friendship Shooter) - Basic, hoofheld design.
  • OFC (Orbital Friendship Cannon) - Single player only, used to call in strikes. (Killstreak in multiplayer)
  • Tactical Rainboom - This weapon can be used after achieveing 20 killstreaks. 10 seconds countdown, Unleashed a rainbow colored mushroom cloud followed by a rainbow nuclear shockwave. Kills everypony on map.