The Third Chapter. Enjoy.

Light Amongst Darkness

Chapter 3

A Corrupted Unicorn opened fire first, concentrating a deadly beam of energy directly at the Chief. Rainbow Dash flew in the beam's path, and her wing was clipped by the beam instead. As she fell to the dust, she screamed out of agony. 

More Unicorns opened fire, hitting some of the Buffalos. Some died before they hit the ground. The Pegasii started flying incredibly low to the ground, creating shockwaves which knocked the defenders to the ground. Some of the Pegasii even flew right for the ground, creating explosions which killed some of the Buffalos.

Rarity and Twilight used freeze beams against the Corrupted ponies, not wanting to kill them. Fluttershy hid behind Twilight, causing the latter to sigh. Pinkie Pie, Applejack, and Little Strongheart weaved in and out of the rows of attacking Earth ponies, wrestling them to the ground, and hogtying them. The Buffalos simply charged into these rows, ramming into the corrupted ponies, sending them flying. As the battle winded down, Twilight healed Rainbow Dash's wound, but Rarity was shot in the flank by a Unicorn. She wailed in pain, hitting the ground. Applejack was bitten in the ribcage by a Earth pony, but managed to carry on.

The last ponies retreated, battered and bruised. The Battlefield was littered with frozen, dead, or injured ponies, screaming out of pain. The Buffalos weeped over their dead, and cared for their wounded. Chief Thunderhooves declared that he owed his life to Rainbow Dash, and thanked her for her sacrifice. Twilight cared for Rarity and Applejack, managing to heal their wounds. After saying goodbye to the Buffalos and Braeburn (he stayed in Appleloosa to care for the wounded), the ponies got on the train for home. On the way back, Spike asked them what happened (he helped with the wounded, and was only able to watch from a distance). The ponies, instead of answering his question, remained silent and expressionless, puzzling Spike.

As they got back to Ponyville, they saw something that truly horrified them. As they looked towards the Canterlot Castle, they saw it suddenly explode and slide down the mountain. Everypony began screaming as a bomb detonated simultaneously in the Town Square, sending debris across Ponyville.