The Fifth Chapter. Enjoy.

Light Amongst Darkness

Chapter 5

The ponies approached the flaming wreckage of a town that was just moments ago filled with ponies just livong their lives in happiness. They were now trapped under the rubble of buildings with massive bomb craters in them, and the ponies weakly cried for help. The Smoke rose above the town, and could be seen for miles around. The sky, which had been a heavenly blue earlier that day, was now a dark gray color.

The 7, returning from Zacora's hut, began helping all ponies trapped under the rubble. They managed to rescue Mr. And Mrs. Cake, trapped in the flaming Sugarcube Corner, Sweetie Belle, who had kicked her way through the rubble of the Carousel Boutique (as expected, Rarity wept over the loss of years of her work), and they managed to rescue the Mayor, who had just escaped from the crumbling Pavilion in the Town Square.

As they helped the nurses with other ponies, the warning speakers blared. As they looked to the sky, they saw a large formation closing in on the town. It began dipping right toward the group. However, 2 airships arrived at that moment, and began using large energy beams to kill the attacking pegasii.

One Pegasii rammed into the Airship, causing it to fall to its doom. The group saw many Ponies, with Military-esque uniforms, jumping out of the airship, only to meet a fiery death below. As the airship crashed, the other airship moved in to cover the wreckage.

The group rushed to the crash site, which was on the farmlands of Sweet Apple Acres. They began seeing energy beams being exchanged from the crash to the hills above. Twilight and Rarity opened fire on the shooters on the hill, who had caught the group dead in their sights.

As they finally reached the crash site, they saw military medics helping the wounded, while Army unicorns covered them. They had a large magnifying glass with them, which they used to enhance their Energy beams. As the group arrived, they immediately started pulling the soldiers out of the wreck, and tending to wounded.

When they were finished, the 2nd airship lowered to the ground, and Royal Guards stepped out. Pointing to Rarity, Rainbow, Fluttershy, Applejack, Twilight, Pinkie, and Spike, one Guard said "Get on board immediately. We need to extract you out of here." The 7 complied, stepping on board.

 As the airship lifted off, Twilight asked "Fluttershy and Pinkie, you've been awfully quiet throughout this whole ordeal. Do you need to say something?" Fluttershy responded "It's just so awful. I keep asking myself, Why? Why would somepony do something like this?" Pinkie also replied "What's so fun about a War? Nothing. What is there to be positive about? Nothing. This is even worse then my filly days."

The 7 remained silent as the Airship took them to the mountains, somewhere, away from the war.