Here it is, the First Chapter of my fanfic. Enjoy.

Light Amongst Darkness

A My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic fan fiction novella

Created by Metlman13

Chapter 1

All was normal in Equestria. The ponies went about their business, going to and fro, shopping here, eating there, same old, same old. Twilight Sparkle was going to meet her friends at Mr and Mrs Cake's bakery to have a mid-afternoon snack. Spike wanted to come along today, having not seen Twilight's friends in days. He missed them, especially Rarity.

As they got to the bakery, Spike produced a message from Princess Celestia, wanting Twilight and her friends to visit Celestia immediately. Concerned, Twilight told her friends, and they all traveled to Canterlot. As they got to Princess Celestia's throne, she immediately rose to meet them, with a concerned face. "What's wrong, Princess?" Twilight asked. "I have just gottem word of two troubling events. The first is that Discord's statue has broken. The second is that my sister, Luna, is now gone."

As Princess Celestia talked, a familiar figure on the window appeared. Discord. "So what do you want us to do Prin-" Twilight was cut off. "So, My Little Ponies. We meet yet again." Discord said in a devious tone. "DISCORD! What have you done with Luna?" Celestia asked angrily. "Let's just say I've taken Luna, and made her a little more looney." Discord laughed at his own pun. "She is far away from Canterlot, you cannot hope to find her within a day. Even so, you cannot hope to get past my rows of defenses."

"Wait, how did you get out of the statue?" Rainbow Dash asked. "Simple. You may be able to freeze me physically, but you can't control my mind." Discord replied. "I just "convinced" your Princess Luna to relieve me of my stone prison, and I turned her back into Nightmare Moon. She is now the face of a rebellion against the Celestian throne." Discord laughed evilly. 

"You monster!" replied Rarity. "Why would you do such a thing?" "Because my grand desire is to create chaos, my dear Rarity." responded Discord. "We stopped you before, and we'll stop you again." said Applejack. "Oh, I've thought that little snag out, too. I'll turn you all against each other, just like last time. Except I'll make sure you destroy each other, so you cannot hope to defeat me." Discord replied. Before anyone could reply back, he vanished.

After a long silence, Fluttershy asked "What are we going to do?" Rainbow Dash replied "I'll tell you what we'll do. We're going to rip him to shreds, and we'll make sure he won't escape next time." "I don't know what we'll do, but it certainly isn't that." said Twilight. At that moment, Princess Celestia got a message. "Oh no." said Celestia fearfully. "You all need to return to Ponyville immediately. It seems that Appleloosa has just come under attack."